Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tired Tuesday!

We are beginning to get settled! Evie and I decided that if this was our home then we could make it nice. All the other condos look well taken care of but this one has some work to be done. It's so hard for me to not get busy trying to fix the things that bother me. I put up all the smelly things in a closet - there were 29 different types of air fresheners, candles, etc. I found a tooth wrapped in wax paper and stapled into a little pouch. That went in the trash! It was probably the little girl who lived here before us.

Evie and I went to Panera for lunch and met 3 nice ladies who have a sewing club. Maybe I could take lessons and join them. There is a Bernina shop really close by but that's the most expensive way to learn. We went to Target to get some essentials! If you have a baby, get some California Baby diaper creme. It's fabulous! Pricey but works like a charm and smells good.

We spent the afternoon putting clothes away, cleaning etc. After Evie's nap, we walked up to the park and sat under a tree for awhile. It was fun and Evie LOVES to be outside. Carl came home and we rode around for awhile to look at houses and then we went to PF Changs for dinner. Yummy! Then, we went to Krispy Kreme - the doughnuts were hot. Carl decided to get a dozen so he could take the rest to work in the morning. I am not telling how many I ate. Those things are addictive! Well, it's almost 9 here but we still feel like we are on EST so it's time for bed.

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