Monday, July 6, 2009

Much better Monday

Today went a lot better! I got my rental car, a minivan. It's great because there is so much room and very baby friendly. We got moved in our condo and it looks a lot better cleaned. When we got here yesterday, there was an old washer and dryer out front and a yucky dishwasher. Also, a bunch of trash. Our landlords are wonderful. They have done so much for Evie! She's asleep in her new crib -maybe she will sleep all night.

Evie and I went to Whole Foods for lunch and to get some groceries. It's about .5 miles away which is super nice.

We met with Mark, our agent, this afternoon. He had some good ideas and we have a few things to do before we meet again. We went to look at a house but think it's too far away from the area that we like.

Evie took a little nap in the car so she was ready for some action. Then we went to Outback for dinner. Yummy! I just finished our peanut butter pie. Delicious. Evie had a blowout in the restaurant so our dinner was cut a little short. Life with a baby!

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