Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nana, Ipop and Uncle Ben

Evie was so excited to see her Daddy when she woke up this morning. Carl went to get her and I could hear her squealing on the monitor. So cute!

Evie and I had Gymboree today. Her friend, Max, came with his mom Amber. It was so good to see them. Paisley and Evie liked looking at each other sitting up. Our babies are such big girls now.
Evie came home and took a great nap so I was busy packing. There is so much stuff to take! I hope Evie will like her new temporary room. Maybe she will sleep really well in it.

Nana and I took Evie for a walk. It's the only way to keep her up longer is to let her have a little catnap in the late evening. She was able to make it to 7:15. Carl picked up some delicious BBQ from Lexington. Yummy! It was good to see them. We will be leaving in the morning to go see Sheshe and Poppy. Our plan is to time it with Evie's nap so she will arrive well-rested!

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