Thursday, July 30, 2009

Evie and I were so excited to go see Conductor Jack this morning at Border's! However, Conductor Jack decided not to show up - he called in "sick" this morning. One of the other moms said he did that on Monday too at the Opry Land location. He's supposed to be at the Barnes and Noble near us on Monday so we will try again. He is supposed to be some type of singing sensation for kids. Anyone heard of him?

After that, we headed to Gymboree for our trial class to see if we liked Level 2. I was expecting to LOVE it since I loved Ms. Beth. It was crazy because they mixed Level 2 and 3 together in one class. Tons of kids and way too many ages. Evie about got smushed! She enjoyed most of the class but I was nervous with all the chaos. One mom, just walked in off the street and thought it looked fun. Not sure anyone even noticed - she told me she was walking by and thought it'd be fun so she popped in. She was very nice but it seems like the safety is quite lax. Evie liked bouncing on the this big tube, sliding down the slide, the parachute and of course the BUBBLES!!!! Evie's mommy did not like the parachute because they put all the kids in the center. Some were walking, crawling, sitting, lying down etc. and the mommies passed around the parachute very quickly and sang the parachute song: red, yellow, green and blue - these are the colors over you. Red is for the apple etc. Okay, so this gets really fast and some of the babies are crying, others are trying to get out, some are happy. It was like being on a Merry Go Round and you can't get off. Evie was okay. She started off sitting but then fell down because we were going so fast. She was just looking at me like what is going on here! You can't stop if your kid needs you because it would stop the whole parachute. I felt bad for a few kids because they were not happy. Again, I noticed that the moms did not seem to connect with each other at all. All the moms were friendly at Gymboree at Lake Norman - talking and interacting with each other and the kids. That's the whole point to meet people and learn new things to do with your baby. So, we decided to enroll at Little Gym until Evie is walking and then we will try Gymboree again. I will miss those Gymbucks!

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