Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yesterday seems like so long ago to us. Evie did fabulous at the fireworks. She took a little nap and then woke up in the middle of the fireworks. She looked at me for awhile and seemed comfortable so I turned her around to look at the fireworks. She LOVED them. Carl caught the whole thing on video. I cannot wait to watch it! We had so much fun over the weekend.

We left The Reserve at 9:45 and got here around 5 Eastern after stopping three times. Evie did great. We could not have asked for her to do a better job. I was getting nervous on the way here because we had not heard from our landlord. We talked to her on the way around 3 and she told us that our place was not ready so to take our time getting there. Then, when we were about 20 minutes away she called to say it was not ready! We were annoyed because we had a bunch of stuff in the truck and were packed in separate bags for each part of the trip. We went by the house and no one was there. I was not exactly impressed and feel that the word condo is used quite loosely. It will be fine for the short time that we are staying there but it's not the cutest place.

The "condo" has potpouri in every room and dried flowers hanging on walls. Also, there are lots of little country signs on the wall reminding us about the importance of family. We've got that down or we would not even be considering living in this place. We meet with our real estate agent tomorrow and hopefully will create a more permanent plan for our family. We are very grateful to have a place to live together and it is furnished which makes "moving" in a lot easier. The best part is we are on a month to month lease - the nice places do not do that! We do have a fabulous location, a big deck, a garage, a wood-burning fireplace and room for all of us! Evie and I will be able to walk to a Barnes and Noble and Target. We are super close to lots of places! The landlords seem disorganized but they got into this line of work by happenstance. They sold a hog farm and did not want to pay capital gains so they bought some "condos" to rent out. They are SUPER nice and accomodating. They got Evie a crib, a changing table and lots of other baby stuff. That makes it much easier for us.

We are looking forward to feeling more settled tomorrow. Little Evie will have slept in 4 different places in one week by tomorrow. She's hanging in there and so are we. Dinner was room service and we are about to head to bed. I will post pictures soon. My camera card will not fit into Carl's laptop.

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  1. I love a good dinner prepared by and cleaned up by someone else. ;)

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