Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sad Saturday

Well, today was the day we left our house in Charlotte. It's not our real moving day but it still felt like that to us. We will back in a few weeks but it will be different. We left around 10:30 and got here about 6. We stopped twice - once for lunch at Cracker Barrel so that was a LONG lunch but good for Evie to stretch a bit. Then we stopped to feed Evie.
She does so good in the car. The last part of the trip she stayed awake probably because I decided to sit back there with her. Not a good idea because she does not sleep. She'd rather smile at me. However, she went right to bed once we got here. She was exhausted! Carl went to Publix to get us some groceries. He loves that you do not need a loyalty card to get the deals. We had yummy sandwiches for dinner. Publix has the best subs. Carl was impressed that they carry Sweet Water 420 here in Nashville. It's a beer brewed in Atlanta.
Carl and I are sitting outside on the deck enjoying the "cold front" and checking out local housing magazines. We look forward to exploring the area tomorrow. Not sure what we will do but maybe go look at some houses and we'd like to check out the Nashville zoo.

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