Monday, July 20, 2009

Brentwood . . . not so bad!

Evie and I had a great first day! We went to the library this morning. You should see this place. It's super nice. They have tons of books, programs and even art work that you can borrow. I am very interested in the art work that you can borrow. Some of it looks pretty good. Each print can be borrowed for a quarter so you can change your walls with each season.The librarian was quite chatty and did not realize that I have visited many libraries. She was the typical librarian talking to me about the library mystery she had just solved and warning me that books simply must be returned on time or I would incur a hefty fine of .10 per day. I learned that this library is the only one in the state funded by the city. Other libraries are county funded! I cannot wait to take Evie to a storytime in the new wing that is under construction. Evie LOVED the library and was so happy to see piles of books. She reaches for the pages and seems to know the correct way to turn the pages. Such a smart girl we have!

Evie and I came home to eat lunch. Then we went to the park to walk. We had a nice little walk. Then we went to walk around a cute little shopping center. It had everything you could ever need - REI, Sherwin Williams, gift stores, stationery studio, clothing and the best part was a bakery! It was the famous Puffy Muffin: I had heard it was fabulous and it truly exceeded my expectations. They have cookies, cakes, brownies, rolls, salads etc. Lunch is offered each day and brunch on the weekends. I cannot wait to take Carl to check this place out. Evie and I got a few cookies, some sourdough yeast rolls and delicious chicken salad. This place perked us right up!They also have a small location very near us.
Then as if that was not enough, there was a precious store next door called Hot Pink. It was the most calming store and was filled to the brim with perfect gifts. I think I could do the majority of my Christmas shopping in there. Today, I bought Evie two little bows for $2 a piece. Great deal! The decor in there is pink toille and it is just beautiful! Even the bags go with the theme.

Carl came home and we decided to go on a walk around the neighborhood. We saw two other children but most everyone else is retired. Our neighbor, Jeannie, just adores Evie and spent some time counting Evie's adorable little toes. Well, it's time to go finish getting dinner ready while Carl grills our chicken. It's another beautiful night to enjoy dinner outside. Can't wait to share my cookies with Carl.

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