Saturday, July 25, 2009

We enjoyed our first Saturday in Nashville. Evie woke up around 6 but went back to sleep around 8. YAY! It was nice for us to sleep too. After Evie's nap, we went to Puffy Muffin for lunch. It was delicious. I had the quiche of the day - bacon and spinach, fruit and poppyseed bread. Carl had a club sandwich. We each had a cookie for dessert. Evie threw her rattle at a man's foot. Luckily, he thought she was cute so he did not mind. His wife said that Evie reminded her of Pebbles.

REI was having a member event so we went to check it out and Carl got some new shorts. Then we drove the Natchez Trace, it's 444 miles long and is located in 3 different states. It begins in Natchez, Mississippi and ends in downtown Nashville. It was beautiful. The Natchez Trace was traveled by animals and people from the Lower Mississippi and the Cumberland River. All of you Carolina people, it's similar to the Blue Ridge Parkway but lower in elevation. Defnitely worth checking out.

Evie is excited that her friend Abby is coming for dinner. Evie is a sleepy girl so we will see if she makes it for long. I am sure that we will get some cute pictures!

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