Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wet Wednesday

Evie and I had a productive day even though it was VERY rainy! It rained all day long. I was reminded of rainy days in Charleston. The roads are covered in rain and there is some flooding. Not as bad as Charleston since the elevation is much higher.

We found a new pediatrician today. Evie really liked him and spent the visit flirting with him. I was impressed with him and found him very helpful. He made me a list of area doctors and told me the skinny on the area. I told him about Evie not taking a bottle. He suggested that I teach her to use a straw by holding it horizontally in front of her mouth and each day practice turning it more vertical. It's worth a try!

Next door to the doctor's office is a kids consignment store - talk about an excellent location. I got Evie a Lilly for next summer, a stacking toy, a board book and some mesh feeders . . . those were new. They have lots of new things too. I am so excited to have a consignment store close by since babies grow so fast. It's nice to have a cheap place to buy good clothes. The Cool Springs location for the Puffy Muffin is next to all of this. We love having everything we need so close by!

Not much else happened today, we went to Target and Evie seems to be having some issues digesting her solids. I am sure two bowls of cereal and two jars of baby food is a shock to her system. Each day, I add a little more but she loves to keep eating. It will be fun to see her eat out of her mesh feeder.

Evie and I look forward to going to Murfreesboro tomorrow to see Maura and Abby.

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  1. She looks so big!! We miss you here in NC...but glad to hear things are going well!!


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