Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hot and Sunny!

It's so warm here today! Evie took a very short nap this morning so we went to downtown Franklin before it got too hot. It's so cute there. Lots of quaint shops and places to eat. Evie and I had breakfast at the Franklin Mercantile. I had french toast and Evie had napkins! They serve their drinks in Mason jars - always the sign of a cute place. I want to go there for dinner one night with Carl. We went shopping at the coolest kitchen store. They had so many fun things to peruse. My favorite store was Rock, Paper, Scissors - it is a stationery store and has lots of cool items. I will go back there soon. Then we went to the Curious Gourmet to get a cupcake. The cupcakes are breathtakingly beautiful but I did not like the frosting. It was a whipped cream type frosting on devils food cake. Buttercream frosting is always best!They name their cupcakes fun names like mine was celebration and the girly cupcake was called Pretty Princess. It was a strawberry cupcake with pink frosting and sprinkles. I will go back there soon because they had lots of choices! This will be a fun place to take visitors!

Evie has started putting her legs and arms through the sides of her crib. She screamed out this morning because she got stuck! I saw a USA Baby sometime this week but could not find it today so went to Toys R Us. They only had two choices in the whole store both very expensive and not what I was looking for. Luckily, we are meeting Maura, Tim and Abby for dinner tonight so Maura has one that we can borrow. That saves us $37 and keeps me from accumulating more baby stuff. It really gets out of hand! I did get Evie a little float for the pool and two little toys for the ride home tomorrow.

Evie is doing great here in Nashville and seems very happy. I wonder what she thinks or if she's even thinking. I miss her pretty room at home but am thankful she has a little nursery here. One good thing about our temporary housing is that we have decided that we probably do not want to live in this area because it takes Carl 35 minutes to get to work and it's too much traffic with all the shopping. This area reminds me of Cary, North Carolina in some ways - lots of high dollar shopping mixed in with your everyday places that you need. We still like Brentwood but want to be a little more East so Carl can come home for lunch to see his little Evie. Our sweet baby is sleeping right now when she wakes up I might walk her to the pool for a little dip.

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